Publishing Services

We are currently searching for titles for our catalog. We welcome your submission for any of the categories. We charge no upfront fees. All of the work we do to get your publication ready for publishing includes:
  1. Professional Covers
  2. Publishing your book worldwide
  3. Publishing your ebook
  4. Publicity and instruction on how to get the most of your package.
  5. Book trailers and other sales tools
  6. Training on how to get social networking exposure.
All of our books are published on a 50% commission basis based on net royalties on all media.
Your work must be publication ready. Go to for a form.
Submit your manuscript for consideration as follows:
  • Your manuscript must be in Word or Open Office format.
  • Please thoroughly proofread your title and correct all typographical errors.
  • Include a summary of the entire book in one page.
  • You must have an outline or a table of contents.
  • Submit an author's bio with a photograph.
  • Submit any pre-publication or press reviews you have already.
  • If your book is currently on line but not doing well, send us a link and we will repackage it completely.
To submit your publication send an inquiry letter with your summary in the body of the email.
Do not send an attachment. If this summary is acceptable we will ask you to submit attachments.


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