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Calla's Curse by Robert Polans

CALLA'S CURSE by Robert Polans An action packed mystery thriller about organized crime in Long Island, New York in the 1960's, when rules didn't apply If you liked the Godfather, this is a story inspired by people that the author knew from his home town in Merrick Long Island, in the 1960’s. This action-packed mystery about New York Cops battling the mob at a time when rules didn’t apply has fast action, bloody scenes and a twisting plot for a thrilling read. Calla is the step daughter of a mob boss, Veen the Deck. She puts a curse on Veen, and wants to break with that life by becoming a nun. But Calla is unwillingly dragged into the horror. Veen the Deck is at war with other mobsters who try to kidnap her and later put her in the hospital. Hank, and his new partner Alma, an ex-CIA with demolitions skills, work the case. Hank falls in love with Calla... will he be able to save her? Scroll Down:   Review ,  Interview with the author R eview " ★★★

NUKES by L&C LoPinto

The case of the nuclear terrorists Buy it at Amazon and many other bookstores on line and physical. This book come in Audio, Kindle and Paperback.  The audio is awesome. Julie & Sean meet for the first time to investigate ocean polluters in Alaska. However, they stumble upon a clandestine nuclear weapons operation and, with no backup from D.C. or help, have to figure out how to escape certain death in the freezing Alaskan wilderness. An over the hill ex-narc, Sean Ryan drank himself into nearly being fired. But fortunately, a new department at the FBI, headed by Ana Gutierrez needs someone with skills and brawn to help them conduct dangerous environmental terrorists investigations. Things couldn't be worse for Sean, who considers this a demotion, when he is teamed up with a naïve, rookie, Juliana Del Rio, a lab rat whose only skills are filing court papers and analyzing data. To boot, Julie is arrogant, and just as stubborn as Sean. She has been waiting f