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GASP, An Action Packed Sequel to NUKES by L&C LoPinto

GASP IS AN ACTION PACKED SEQUEL TO NUKES Sean and Julie are back together on a chemical terrorism case… A derailment spills deadly poisons on a small southern black community. Hundreds of victims  run at midnight gasping for air. Lack of funding in a poor town meant no preparation. The spill looks suspicious so Sean and Julie are called to investigate. They are reluctant at first, but Gutierrez, needs their skills to keep the new environmental crimes unit funded -- so they are paired again. After a long separation since Alaska, will Sean trust Julie again? She nearly got him killed.  More suspicious accidents are killing people world wide. Was this a terrorist plot? Or was it a defect? The case leads them to pursue suspects to Argentina and investigate hate groups in the USA. They learned a lot from their previous case about working together to survive.  Will their new adventure lead to romance or disaster? All the good stuff is here for a thrilling read