NUKES by L&C LoPinto

The case of the nuclear terrorists

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Julie & Sean meet for the first time to investigate ocean polluters in Alaska. However, they stumble upon a clandestine nuclear weapons operation and, with no backup from D.C. or help, have to figure out how to escape certain death in the freezing Alaskan wilderness.
An over the hill ex-narc, Sean Ryan drank himself into nearly being fired. But fortunately, a new department at the FBI, headed by Ana Gutierrez needs someone with skills and brawn to help them conduct dangerous environmental terrorists investigations.
Things couldn't be worse for Sean, who considers this a demotion, when he is teamed up with a naïve, rookie, Juliana Del Rio, a lab rat whose only skills are filing court papers and analyzing data. To boot, Julie is arrogant, and just as stubborn as Sean. She has been waiting for this chance all her life to catch the environmental crooks and thinks she knows it all.
Their first case annoys Sean no end. He is an ex-soldier with years of experience in the field. They are to pose as husband and wife on a cruise liner in Alaska to catch a crooked captain who is dumping toxic materials overboard for profit. Sean and Julie bicker constantly and Sean decides to have fun making passes her just to laugh at her exaggerated reactions.
But the FBI was wrong and this was not just an ocean dumping case. The couple stumbles on a nuclear traffic operation and dangerous terrorists who take no prisoners. The ocean is vast and their bodies might never be found. The couple has to start working together to figure a way to escape and survive certain death.

This is a book trailer the author created to give you a feel for this story.

Published Reviews

★★★★★ "I enjoyed both of your books and think that you two have created what could be a marvelous franchise for a film and television property. Sean and Julie are strong characters. With Sean, you have an archetype that fits nicely into the hero's journey. He's a reluctant hero and Julie's younger character, a feisty Latina, spurs him into action. There's nice chemistry between these characters... they would be two meaty film roles." --Scott Petri, Hollywood Screen Writer, Disney
★★★★★ "Thank you for for your book " "... reminds us that safeguarding our nation's nuclear facilities from terrorist attacks is a key component of our homeland security" --Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, NY (She sent us this letter when we first published, and this was before 911 happened! )
★★★★★ "All the good stuff is here for a thrilling read. Frighteningly current and pertinent." --Book Reader, CA
★★★★★"I truly enjoyed the fast pace of this exciting story! The LoPintos drew on their combined experience as chemical engineers, knowing the weaknesses of petrochemical processing and transportation of chemicals. They studied at least six incidents, all believed to be "accidents" but no one knows how they happened..." --Ann Thomson, Rocky Ford Daily Gazette, Co
★★★★★"Authors Charles & Lidia LoPinto tell an exciting story that weaves together the worlds of environmental destruction, blackmail, and politics. " --Thomas Biblewski, Baker Street Dispatch.
★★★★★ "Poised to be the E-Files of the Environment, within the first few paragraphs the reader is caught up in the story's plot." --Mason Canyon, Chatooga Press.
★★★★★ "I wondered if this novel could possibly live up to being WORTH the asking price. I'm happy to report that if environmental stories are what you like, this new series is for you: if you are as new to them as I, let these authors make you a fan! A well written 'Cozy' with thought provoking information..." --Reviewed by Ottilee Bastgen of Concord, CA for the January issue of Cozies, Capers and Crimes Newsletter.
★★★★★"A griping, shocking and exciting novel that keeps the reader relentlessly turning pages until the end. Riveting and highly recommended." -- James Cox, The Midwest Book Review


Fast paced environmental action thriller!

By Johnon August 13, 2013
A little bit of James Bond meets Jason Bourne meets Man vs Wild.... Loved it. Amazing book, great page turner. The Lopinto team has cooked up a fantastic formula here of action, adventure, environmentalism mixed in with the threat of nuclear terrorism. Episode #1 of "Target Alaska!" reads like a movie, the authors pull you right into every scene. What I liked best about the book is that there is little downtime between scenes of action and intrigue. The breadth and scope of the story is very impressive, and the book neatly ties itself together with a satisfying mix of romance, action and mystery. Well done, two thumbs up!

Saving the environment is deadly business

By Samuel Alexanderon February 10, 2014
This was a brilliantly crafted novel. A fast paced exciting crime caper that was worth every page. Characters where well developed. The plot moved at a fast pace as it should. Didn't allow your adrenaline to stop pumping for a second which worked very well. If mysteries, love interests, extreme danger and a sense of humor are things you like in a book this one doesn't fail to deliver.
Regardless of what the cover may allude to I found that Sean was more or less the main character. The reluctant hero thrown into a case he doesn't want that turns out to be more than what he bargained for. His character was very well written and fit the perfect type of male role usually found in such action capers. He was rather funny, entertaining, and good at his job. Didn't miss a beat and was always on alert as good as any FBI/CIA operative should be. Very well written.  The demoted drunken agent. Taken out of the field, issues with women on the job. Doesn't like his lot in life. Refuses to stop drinking. I felt like I had been here before. I guess I was expecting him not to fit the perfect role he fell into so perfectly. Having him be Irish was definitely a nice touch though. Julie. A woman on a mission. How can you not love someone with that kind of drive. Beautiful and determined. And she speaks Spanish. Bonus points. Needless to say I loved her too. A woman who shows obvious disdain to the arrogant agent she must work with who clearly doesn't want to work with her. Goes through a learning curve finds out maybe he's not so bad after all, and defeats the bad guys in the end. What's not to love about this kind of woman. She, just like Sean was very well written. Again, as before, maybe too well.
 I've never done this before but I'm going to venture out on my own, get caught and now the man has to come in and save the day. The only thing that saved it from being to cliché was that her rescuer got caught too. The suspense, great. Perfect even. All the clues where laid out at the right points. The air of mystery never fell flat. The sense of wanting to turn the page to find out what the great mystery is, who is behind it, and would the heroes come out on top in this book or would I have to wait for the sequel, was held up to the last page. In this area the book was very good and did exactly what I expect action novels to do. Be page turners and keep me wanting to read it. I was invested in the plot of this story, but then I have a thing for water, ice and snow so maybe I'm a bit partial to this book being set in Alaska. Still the situations the characters found themselves in made for a very good read. If you like action packed stories, with impossible circumstances, and a race against time and uncertain death, this series is definitely worth the read. I would recommend it to anyone who likes a good action novel. And as a bonus this one is eco friendly. Who says being an eco cop isn't cool. I've read this book and I know for a fact that they are cool. And so is this novel.

Fun Read / Serious Topic

By gezon September 17, 2013
NUKES combines a thrilling plot with solid learning about a real and present environmental danger. The plot is fast paced, and its protagonists, Sean Ryan, an aging FBI-type reassigned to work with Juliana Del Rio, a sexy secondee from the EPA, tackle criminal dumping of toxic waste off the shores of Alaska. Along the way, they uncover and stop a much bigger crime of nuclear eco-terrorism. Most of the book is well-grounded in reality, other than the setting (inside a mountain) from where the terrorists plan their destructive activities -- this was a bit of a stretch. On the whole, a quick, worthwhile read, and generally well-written.

Trust No One

By Carol Packon September 16, 2013
NUKES is a quick-moving story has a multi-layered plot that merges environmental crime with nuclear terrorism--a dirty business that threatens the pristine waters off Alaska. The protagonists are a rumpled FBI agent whose career is threatened by his drinking, and a dedicated, but flighty, EPA investigator whom we never really learn enough about, to know why she does some of the things she does. Every time a new man looks her way, she seems eager to date him. The only man she's not interested in--is her partner. There's a lot going on here and a lot of characters, and sometimes you can't tell the good guys from the bad. It's a good read....

Unique and captivating

By ManchesterTOP 500 REVIEWERon August 31, 2013
A well-written book that keeps up a smooth and captivating pace, all expressed through a well-refined writing style and clever character personalities and interactions. The book is definitely not what I expected at first glance, by this I mean it went way above and beyond my initial expectations and I must admit that I am quite impressed with how it turned out.This definitely isn't your average thriller by any means, the plot is unique and the characters are each original in their own right, with just the right amount of detail for them to seem almost life-like without being too over the top. It's definitely not something that should be overlooked. gave this a 8.0/10.0!

By Brandonon August 28, 2013
Rating: 8.0/10.0Review: The Eco-Thriller "Target Alaska" (NUKES) was very interesting. I loved the concept behind the book, and the plot points were well driven. I do think that if there was less romance I would have enjoyed it more, but I'm sure that's just me! The book is a combination of James Bond and Bear Grylls (the host of Man vs Wild). The character development was done well as well as the scenery described within the story. I'd recommend this to any thriller fan along with any survival fans out there!
Reviewed by

Refreshingly better than expected!

By Jonon August 18, 2013
Most fiction books I pick up for Kindle just don't seem to deliver like the novels I used to get from the book store. However there are lots of bright points out there and Target Alaska is one of them. I grew up camping and doing all sorts of outdoor activities so I decided to pick this one up.Good action, great adventure and solid romance make this a very entertaining read. I also learned a bit about environmental terrorism and what that means. The only thing I knew about it before was from random stories on the news. Overall its a good fast-paced read with an interesting twist on current events.
What an enjoyable read.


How I got the idea for these novels

We worked 10 years ago to device a similar type of couple, but our sleuths fights environmental crimes and terrorism. The idea came from a news article that described how easily a young person could build a nuclear bomb if they just got all the materials. I know that recently, PhD students have created a fusion reaction in the lab. And, when I went to Manhattan College in the hmmmmm 70's they still had a nuclear reactor in the engineering building!I remember visiting this reactor, going into it and seeing the rods deep in the water. I am not sure that I glowed in the dark after that visit, but I was concerned. After all, it was real easy to pick the lock and it was right near the street. Practically anyone could have just gone in and stolen the materials.
Years later the got rid of the reactor. I also worked in so many chemical processing plants before I got wise and decided to change to a safer career. I know that there was very little security. All kinds of chemicals just stored in tanks and someone could easily steal what they needed. It always amazed me that people actually live near these processing plants and most of the nearby residents have absolutely no clue at all of what is "brewing" near them!I remember my assignment with a Company X, where one of the residents shoveled water full of mercury droplets all day, wearing a rubber suit and it was 110 degrees F in the shade in Louisiana's St. Gabriel. Town residents were mostly African Americans. Those poor families lived a stone throw from the plant. This is how I got the idea for the books. They have undergone several repackagings throughout the years but the latest cover and short title are designed for Kindle.


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