GASP, An Action Packed Sequel to NUKES by L&C LoPinto


Sean and Julie are back together on a chemical terrorism case…

A derailment spills deadly poisons on a small southern black community. Hundreds of victims  run at midnight gasping for air. Lack of funding in a poor town meant no preparation. The spill looks suspicious so Sean and Julie are called to investigate.
They are reluctant at first, but Gutierrez, needs their skills to keep the new environmental crimes unit funded -- so they are paired again.
After a long separation since Alaska, will Sean trust Julie again? She nearly got him killed.  More suspicious accidents are killing people world wide. Was this a terrorist plot? Or was it a defect?
The case leads them to pursue suspects to Argentina and investigate hate groups in the USA.
They learned a lot from their previous case about working together to survive.  Will their new adventure lead to romance or disaster? All the good stuff is here for a thrilling read.
Meet new exciting characters, and enjoy twisting plots. If you like complicated stories, this is it.

This is a book trailer the authors created to give you a feel for the book's content. 

What newspapers said

★★★★★"I truly enjoyed the fast pace of this exciting story! The LoPintos drew on their combined experience as chemical engineers, knowing the weaknesses of petrochemical processing and transportation of chemicals. They studied at least six incidents, all believed to be "accidents" but no one knows how they happened..."  Ann Thomson, Rocky Ford Daily Gazette, CO .
★★★★★"Authors Charles & Lidia LoPinto tell an exciting story that weaves together the worlds of environmental destruction, blackmail, and politics." --Thomas Biblewski, Baker Street Dispatch .
"Poised to be the E-Files of the Environment, within the first few paragraphs the reader is caught up in the story's plot."-- Mason Canyon, Chatooga Press .
★★★★★"I wondered if this novel could possibly live up to being WORTH the asking price. I'm happy to report that if environmental stories are what you like, this new series is for you: if you are as new to them as I, let these authors make you a fan! A well written 'Cozy' with thought provoking information..." -- Reviewed by Ottilee Bastgen of Concord, CA for the January issue of Cozies, Capers and Crimes Newsletter. This is an action romance novel that will keep you turning pages relentlessly until the end. 

Customer Reviews

An easy five star! - must read! (You won't regret it.)

By Ricky M. Hansen Jr.on March 21, 2014 Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
 What does the Environmental Protection Agency, a train derailment, and love have in common? You guessed it - not much. That is until Mystery Thriller: GASP came around. The LoPinto's do an amazing job in bringing all of these things together into one thrilling, fun, and fantastic novel.Wow - this book was great. The characters - Juliana Del Rio and Sean Ryan - come together to try and find the suspects that caused a derailment of a train that was carrying toxic chemicals. This adventure leads them into some self-discovery and perhaps, a budding romance? These two make a great team! This book is FULL of awesome dialogue, well-structured paragraphs, and an amazing plot that strings the reader along. I LOVE a book that pays attention to detail - this is one I love. The cover, the organization, the character development, and even the book blurb - ALL great!

From the Author

This is definitely a romance, a thriller but with a serious environmental message. Julie, our character was based on real people we knew in the business. . She is not larger than life, and has no real super powers. She is an ordinary person willing to risk her vulnerable body's life to save the environment. She has ideals and convictions which are becoming rare. She has a tremendous capability for love. .  In these times of heightened awareness about terrorism, these stories help us understand the vulnerabilities of the systems and heighten our alertness to prevent tragedies. The second of the series of novels, GASP: Julie Eco Cop Series 2 deals with the horrific possibility of a Bhopal accident occurring in the United States. "We were inspired by the long list of toxic train derailments, or the rolling 'Chernobyl's' that carry lethal quantities of a variety of toxic chemicals." Say the authors, Lidia and Charles LoPinto, two married chemical engineers who started EnviroCrime publishers in 1999.Here are some of accidents that we studied -  all of the near misses since they occurred outside of the population center.  They are all dubbed "accidents" but no one knows how they happened or why that particular rail was broken or loose.   We republished the novels in 2014 and as of these date, two major chemical accidents occurred and there seems to be no end in sight.
  • 9/2000, Scotts Bluff Nevada - Train derails, spilling 80,000 gallons of carcinogenic benzene.  15,000 residents evacuated.  After-effects of toxic spill affect town for years.
  • 5/2000, Eunice, La - Train loaded with hazardous  chemicals like methyl chloride,  acrylic acid, and highly toxic dichloropropane derails and explodes, releasing a mushroom cloud that spreads for miles.  Over 2000 people evacuated.
  • 1997, Rossville, Kansas - Train derails near town spilling sulfuric acid, chlorine and nuclear materials.  1100 residents evacuated.
  • 6/1998, Huntington, West Virginia - Train derails spilling 30,000 gallons  of toxic and carcinogenic formaldehyde.  A dozen people are hospitalized and 500 evacuated from their homes.  After effects of so much formaldehyde released on the population - unknown.  No one knows why the train jumped the tracks.
  • 1996, Montana - Train derails one mile from town of Alberton, spilling an incredible 265,000 pounds of toxics irretrievably into the air.  1000 people are evacuated for 17 days. 352 people injured, one dies.  Injury to nearby crops and effects of these materials traveling to nearby populations - not assessed.
  • 7/14/1991, California - Approximately 20,000 gallons of biocide leaked from the tank car, flowing down 40 miles of river, sickening hundreds of people and killing all living things in the water and much of the plant life along the river. Fortunately the plume was diluted to "safe levels" in the reservoir that supplies millions of Californians.
The book opens with a horrible train wreck at the railroad crossing in town. Residents awake when chocking fumes fill their homes.  The town is unprepared for the emergency evacuation, and resources are diverted to the wealthier sections, leaving the poor, mostly black with little help. Hundreds die.  Juliana Del Rio and Sean Ryan, heroes from the first novel, team up again to investigate the incident, which black leaders are calling racially motivated genocide.


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