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I was a woman pilot in 1945: a memoir of a WASP trainee: A day to day account of the experiences of Winnie LoPinto as a WASP trainee at Avenger Field in Sweetwater, Texas

A VIVID MEMOIR OF WINNIE LOPINTO's EXPERIENCES AT THE WASP! Winnie LoPinto wrote "Go Home Little Fifinella" as a young woman after returning from Texas in 1944 from her training as a WASP (Women Airforce Service Pilots) . She had great dreams of becoming a pilot then and that is why she volunteered to serve at the risk of her own life with the WASP, just for the chance to fly. Her biographical account of her experiences as a WASP trainee in Sweetwater Texas is full of the language and favor of the time. Her lively style allow us relive those times along with her. The exhilaration and the adventure of youth and the disappointments that follow. It has delighted thousands of visitors who originally downloaded it from her web site and brought tears to the eyes of those who knew her. Winnie is a young woman with great dreams of becoming a pilot. She joins the WASP in hope of serving her country and do what she loved since she was a little girl, fly