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Earth 2: The Battle to save the Earth

This is the sequel to Earth 1 Young Adult Science Fiction The battle of the robots and humans to overthrow the tyranny of the fifths who control human population through fear. Humans are living underground, and the world has been enveloped in toxic clouds. Islands have disappeared and the Fiefs now prevent men and women from being together. Anyone who wants to have a child has to have their permission. Pregnancy is punishable by death. Dr. Mendez and others work to save the earth from this time of darkness. Available through all e-book channels and direct here as a flipbook, check out this great format! About the Author I can best outline my life in the context of the recent books that I have published. A book on global warming emphasizes the danger of pollution based on my early training in science, and particularly weather. My second book deals with terrorism and my involvement with the military- Korea, and after 9/11 my tour with the Coast Guard Aux. Mu