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Earth 1: Return By Jay Kaplan

From the author of our popular Rat Island... Earth 1 is a dystopian story about our future .. It is the year 2223. A ship flies over what used to be New York harbor. An eerie abandoned city is now flooded. The statue of Liberty, still visible. No humans can be found. Horrible giant worms attack the visitors when they land on the only remaining building above water, Manhattan College. High on a hill, is still visible to the north of the Statue of Liberty. In a laboratory, they find a robot named Rebekka who holds a recording of the planet’s history. Rebekka, the scribe, tells the visitors the story of how the domino effect of global warming and the resulting wars for water and resources, led to the devastation caused by a series of local atomic wars. The radioactivity and pollution led to the destruction of the environment on Earth One. By 2050 there’s mass starvation and lack of potable water. Riots are occurring everywhere as survivors fight for the remaining food an