Calla's Curse by Robert Polans

CALLA'S CURSE by Robert Polans An action packed mystery thriller about organized crime in Long Island, New York in the 1960's, when rules didn't apply If you liked the Godfather, this is a story inspired by people that the author knew from his home town in Merrick Long Island, in the 1960’s. This action-packed mystery about New York Cops battling the mob at a time when rules didn’t apply has fast action, bloody scenes and a twisting plot for a thrilling read. Calla is the step daughter of a mob boss, Veen the Deck. She puts a curse on Veen, and wants to break with that life by becoming a nun. But Calla is unwillingly dragged into the horror. Veen the Deck is at war with other mobsters who try to kidnap her and later put her in the hospital. Hank, and his new partner Alma, an ex-CIA with demolitions skills, work the case. Hank falls in love with Calla... will he be able to save her? Scroll Down:   Review ,  Interview with the author R eview " ★★★

NUKES by L&C LoPinto

The case of the nuclear terrorists Buy it at Amazon and many other bookstores on line and physical. This book come in Audio, Kindle and Paperback.  The audio is awesome. Julie & Sean meet for the first time to investigate ocean polluters in Alaska. However, they stumble upon a clandestine nuclear weapons operation and, with no backup from D.C. or help, have to figure out how to escape certain death in the freezing Alaskan wilderness. An over the hill ex-narc, Sean Ryan drank himself into nearly being fired. But fortunately, a new department at the FBI, headed by Ana Gutierrez needs someone with skills and brawn to help them conduct dangerous environmental terrorists investigations. Things couldn't be worse for Sean, who considers this a demotion, when he is teamed up with a naïve, rookie, Juliana Del Rio, a lab rat whose only skills are filing court papers and analyzing data. To boot, Julie is arrogant, and just as stubborn as Sean. She has been waiting f

GASP, An Action Packed Sequel to NUKES by L&C LoPinto

GASP IS AN ACTION PACKED SEQUEL TO NUKES Sean and Julie are back together on a chemical terrorism case… A derailment spills deadly poisons on a small southern black community. Hundreds of victims  run at midnight gasping for air. Lack of funding in a poor town meant no preparation. The spill looks suspicious so Sean and Julie are called to investigate. They are reluctant at first, but Gutierrez, needs their skills to keep the new environmental crimes unit funded -- so they are paired again. After a long separation since Alaska, will Sean trust Julie again? She nearly got him killed.  More suspicious accidents are killing people world wide. Was this a terrorist plot? Or was it a defect? The case leads them to pursue suspects to Argentina and investigate hate groups in the USA. They learned a lot from their previous case about working together to survive.  Will their new adventure lead to romance or disaster? All the good stuff is here for a thrilling read

I was a woman pilot in 1945: a memoir of a WASP trainee: A day to day account of the experiences of Winnie LoPinto as a WASP trainee at Avenger Field in Sweetwater, Texas

A VIVID MEMOIR OF WINNIE LOPINTO's EXPERIENCES AT THE WASP! Winnie LoPinto wrote "Go Home Little Fifinella" as a young woman after returning from Texas in 1944 from her training as a WASP (Women Airforce Service Pilots) . She had great dreams of becoming a pilot then and that is why she volunteered to serve at the risk of her own life with the WASP, just for the chance to fly. Her biographical account of her experiences as a WASP trainee in Sweetwater Texas is full of the language and favor of the time. Her lively style allow us relive those times along with her. The exhilaration and the adventure of youth and the disappointments that follow. It has delighted thousands of visitors who originally downloaded it from her web site and brought tears to the eyes of those who knew her. Winnie is a young woman with great dreams of becoming a pilot. She joins the WASP in hope of serving her country and do what she loved since she was a little girl, fly

Earth 2: The Battle to save the Earth

This is the sequel to Earth 1 Young Adult Science Fiction The battle of the robots and humans to overthrow the tyranny of the fifths who control human population through fear. Humans are living underground, and the world has been enveloped in toxic clouds. Islands have disappeared and the Fiefs now prevent men and women from being together. Anyone who wants to have a child has to have their permission. Pregnancy is punishable by death. Dr. Mendez and others work to save the earth from this time of darkness. Available through all e-book channels and direct here as a flipbook, check out this great format! About the Author I can best outline my life in the context of the recent books that I have published. A book on global warming emphasizes the danger of pollution based on my early training in science, and particularly weather. My second book deals with terrorism and my involvement with the military- Korea, and after 9/11 my tour with the Coast Guard Aux. Mu

Earth 1: Return By Jay Kaplan

From the author of our popular Rat Island... Earth 1 is a dystopian story about our future .. It is the year 2223. A ship flies over what used to be New York harbor. An eerie abandoned city is now flooded. The statue of Liberty, still visible. No humans can be found. Horrible giant worms attack the visitors when they land on the only remaining building above water, Manhattan College. High on a hill, is still visible to the north of the Statue of Liberty. In a laboratory, they find a robot named Rebekka who holds a recording of the planet’s history. Rebekka, the scribe, tells the visitors the story of how the domino effect of global warming and the resulting wars for water and resources, led to the devastation caused by a series of local atomic wars. The radioactivity and pollution led to the destruction of the environment on Earth One. By 2050 there’s mass starvation and lack of potable water. Riots are occurring everywhere as survivors fight for the remaining food an

The Magical Christmas Tree (English & Spanish)

A sweet and beautifully illustrated story for young readers that teaches them the value of conservation.  * * This story is in English and Spanish Boots & Bows go to the forest looking for a large Christmas tree. They find a magical talking cedar and talking animals who explain to the children that the tree is their home, so they can't take it away. The tree promises Boots & Bows that they could still have a Christmas tree in the forest. The animals decorate the cedar with pine cones, icicles, a star brought down from the sky by an eagle and colorful birds and it becomes the most beautiful live Christmas tree they ever saw. This is a lesson about nature and conservation. El árbol de Navidad Mágico Un cuento para educar a los niños acerca de conservar la naturaliza.  (Botas y Moñitos) Botas y Moñitos buscan un árbol de navidad en el bosque y quieren llevárselo a su casa. Pero encuentran un cedar mágico y los animales les explican a los niños